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INDULGE 250g (Decaf)

Flavour Profile: Citrus fruit, shortbread, almond


Beans: Colombia, Huila


Best for: Aeropress, Espresso, Cafetiere, V60


Decaf drinkers truly are the biggest coffee lovers of them all. Removing the caffeine eliminates the kick that people crave from their coffee. But they aren’t interested in that.


Decaf drinkers do it because they love the flavour of coffee. They know that herbal tea or hot chocolate isn’t for them.


Armed with this knowledge we created INDULGE to allow fans of decaf to do just that. To bring out the full coffee flavour we’ve made a medium roast to give all of the character of coffee, just without the caffeine.

INDULGE 250g (Decaf)

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