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WAKE UP 250g

Flavour Profile: Dark chocolate, caramel and stone fruit


Beans: Guatemala and Papua New Guinea


Best for: Espresso and espresso based drinks


"Your coffee is the best. I have WAKE UP, MOVE and CREATE delivered by hand each month which is great service. The coffee is so nice we even took it on holiday with us!"



What is a morning without coffee?

How can you function at your best without a boost?

How will you best enjoy that half an hour on a Saturday when everyone else is still in bed?


We appreciate that you lead a busy life, you have to be somewhere, you haven’t slept well or just have a crazy morning ahead of you.


Fortunately, Cuckfield Coffee Co. can help. Our WAKE UP blend is purely and simply a strong, flavourful, dark roasted coffee that is a kick start in a cup.


Unfortunately, you do still have to get to that appointment though. We can’t fix everything.

WAKE UP 250g

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