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Our coffee origins | Guatemala Huehuetenango

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Why do we love it?

Coffee from Huehuetenango is characterised by its unique flavour profile, which is often described as bright, fruity, and complex.

We use Huehuetenango coffee in our WAKE UP and CREATE blends. Roasting the beans darker for a WAKE UP espresso accentuates the dark chocolate and caramel flavours and brings more stone fruits like plums and cherries to the fore.

The lighter roast in our CREATE blend allows for softer milk chocolate and butter toffee flavours to stand out with more citrusy, fruity notes of orange and lemon to shine.

The versatility and overall quality of our Huehuetenango beans makes them suitable for everything from espresso to a V60 filter.

The Region

Huehuetenango [pronounced: way-way-te-nango] is a region in the highlands of Western Guatemala, and it is known for producing some of the finest coffee in the country.

The coffee from Huehuetenango is grown at high altitudes, typically above 5,000 feet, which allows the coffee plants to develop slowly, producing dense, flavourful beans. The region's soil is also rich in minerals and nutrients, which further contributes to the high quality of the coffee.

Coffee from Huehuetenango is highly sought after in specialty coffee markets around the world, and it has won numerous awards for its quality and unique flavour profile.

How is it produced?

Huehuetenango is known for its smallholder farmers who grow coffee using traditional methods, such as shade-grown coffee under the canopy of trees. Many of these farmers are part of cooperatives or associations, which helps to ensure that they receive fair prices for their coffee and have access to resources and training to improve the quality of their crops.

The coffee beans from Huehuetenango are typically harvested by hand, and then washed and sun-dried. The resulting coffee has a medium to full body, with a bright acidity, and a complex flavour profile that can include notes of chocolate, citrus, and stone fruit.


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