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At Cuckfield Coffee Co. we do everything we possibly can to ensure we are environmentally and socially responsible to ensure our customers can feel good about drinking our coffee.

We've carefully selected suppliers with strong environmental and social responsibility credentials and we're really proud to work with them.

Cafe Imports Logo

Cafe Imports is the importer of our green beans for roasting. Their driving mission is to bring to the global market the highest-quality green coffees in the world by sourcing, developing, and innovating at origin, while providing sustainable economic development for small-holder farmers with price premiums, traceability, and long-term partnerships.

Maxilla Packaging Logo

We use Maxilla EcoMax fully recyclable bags for our coffee. They have developed a range of sustainable and eco-conscious food safe packaging that we believe is the best option for our roasted coffee.

noissue logo

Our packaging labels are from NoIssue who were founded to provide makers, brands and businesses of all sizes access to custom, sustainable packaging. Working with NoIssue means we are proud to display the Eco-Packaging Alliance sticker on our website.

noissue Eco-Packaging Alliance
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