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Decaf drinkers truly are the biggest coffee lovers of them all. Removing the caffeine eliminates the kick that people crave from their coffee. But they aren’t interested in that. Decaf drinkers do it because they love the flavour of coffee. They know that herbal tea or hot chocolate isn’t for them. Armed with this knowledge we created INDULGE to allow fans of decaf to do just that. To bring out the full coffee flavour we’ve made a medium roast to give all of the character of coffee, just without the caffeine.

Colombia - El Huila

Colombia is one of the world's top coffee producers, and the region of El Huila is renowned for its exceptional beans and unique flavour profiles. While most coffee from El Huila is of the Arabica or Castillo varieties, the region also produces high-quality decaf coffee beans for those looking to enjoy a cup of coffee without the jolt of caffeine.

Colombian El Huila decaf coffee beans sack
Our Colombian El Huila decaf green coffee beans

Decaf coffee beans from El Huila are grown using the same traditional methods as regular coffee beans, with careful attention paid to the beans' quality and flavour. These decaf beans are carefully picked by hand, washed, and dried in the sun, allowing their unique flavour profile to shine through. The resulting decaf coffee has the same distinctive taste as regular coffee from El Huila, with notes of citrus and almonds to compliment the base notes of chocolate.

Specialty coffee shops around the world have recognized the exceptional quality of decaf coffee from El Huila, and many now offer decaf specialty coffee made from these beans. Whether you prefer a pour-over or a French press, a cup of decaf specialty coffee from El Huila is sure to satisfy your taste buds with its rich, full-bodied flavour and bright acidity.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of decaf coffee and want to experience the unique flavours of Colombia's El Huila region, be sure to try some of the decaf coffee beans or decaf specialty coffee from this region. With its exceptional quality and flavour, it's no wonder that El Huila is one of the world's top coffee destinations, even for those who prefer to skip the caffeine.

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